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Dec 23, 2012 8:30pm EST
girls keep diaries. bad girls do not have time last laugh and hetty green was bad. now with men but many. she was consumed with money. born in massachusetts 1834 to prosperous family of wailing merchants. in those days quayle will feel the houses and factories around the world and we'll parts reused for perfume, a paint buggy whips and just about everything in between. her family was extremely prosperous which was then the most prosperous town in america. it seemed they embodied american values. they were rich, upstanding citizens her father supported abraham lincoln. they were spiritual and were quakers within new england values of thrift to the point* of stinginess with her father and simplicity and plain living. to the quakers wealth was a sign of virtue and god's blessing so they were very blessed but her father really wanted a son. the first child was a girl. it was hetty. he became enraged and was furious. so much that her mother took to her bet. before she was two years old she was sent to live with her grandfather and her spinster aunt. she really wanted her father's love and do
Dec 29, 2012 6:30pm EST
. i've just got in. everything's all right with you and hetty? oh, good. yeah. sam, yes? oh, right, hang on a minute. tortoise, yellow stripes red spot. i've got to go, mr. wainthropp. you've got my mobile number. i'll get back to you. bye. ♪ ( cell phone ringing ) oh, there. ( ringing continues ) ( beeps ) yes. hello? oh, mr. wainthropp. are you all right, geoffrey? you sound short of breath. no, uh, well it's difficult to explain. i have to find a way to turn my mobile off. now, that tortoise you found it sounds like a species called pseudymus. it's a terrapin actually very rare. oh, and you're not allowed to import them without a license. it's just the afternoon. i need to help a family friend out. this company your friend's investigating? styroprotek. i don't want him to get into trouble over what he writes about them. i just wanna make sure that his facts are right. i'll tell you what try companies house. they'll send you chapter and verse on any company you like. i think they charge about 6 quid for a balance sheet. i'll just find you the number. right. th
Dec 29, 2012 6:00pm EST
, salt ♪ ♪ mustard, vinegar, pepper hetty: oh, it looks just like lancashire, really. ( cell phone rings ) - oh, mrs. wainthropp, in my pocket. - what? - it's my mobile phone. - oh, goodness. - can you answer it? - oh, i don't know. we're not supposed to use them when we're driving. - what do you do? - oh, blue button. - blue button. - yeah. hello? janet. no, we're driving to a village near whitby. yes, he's with me. tell her i'll be back tonight, late. he'll be back tonight-- oh, it's gone. oh, it's dead as a dodo. loss of signal, it can happen. yes. when we were girls kate and i we talked to each other through two tin cans the length of string... ah, mobile phone... it worked every time. - hello? - mrs. susan dent? - yes? - robert wainthropp. you telephoned the echo. ( buzzes ) - oh, you're the reporter. - yes. ( seagulls squawking ) so i said to my husband-- oh, he's at work in case you're wondering. "well, having the roof sprayed from the inside seems a good idea." styroprotek protect were giving a good discount, and i always like a good discount. uh,
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3